Wednesday, May 7, 2008

E Bike battery Thefts in China Astonishing

there are an Estimated 60 Million Electric Bicycles and E Scooters in China at this moment in time.
E Bike battery thefts are on the increase greatly.
Even an Old E Bike is not safe fro Thieves as the Two pictures Show!

More Uncared for E Bikes in China

On a recent visit to the Int Bike Show at Shanghai in April I saw several uncared for E Bikes and Scooters on the Road and amazingly most of them actually worked!!

Ken Livingstone on his E Bike

Here is a File picture of Ken Livingstone being Presented with an Electric Bike in September 2000 on Car free Day.
At that time his Assistants and Followers tried to stop the Presentation.
They must have known he would never ride it but tossed it aside in his offices to a fortunate assistant.
He prefers Buses and Taxis instead What a shame!
However Boris is here now and with Cameron riding his bike to work maybe we can give one to Boris! I am sure he would ride it!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

New E Bikes and Scooters at Bangkok Motor Show 2008

Recently on show at the Bangkok Motor Show, Bitec Center, Bangkok Thailand March-April 2008

Honda and Yamaha Company New Prototype and Tiger Motor Cycles New additions.
Plus the Ultimate E Scooter Accesory an DVD Player and TV

Friday, March 21, 2008

A New E Bike or a Load of Hot Air??

Spotted at The Taiwan Bike Show is it a New E Bike or a Load of Hot Air?

Imagine when Electric Bikes weigh this much!

Spotted at the Taiwan Bike Fair in March we just paused for thought that soon Electric Bicycles with the New Lithion, Lithium Polymer and other Lightweight Technologies come on stream E Bikes could weigh near to the bikes shown.

A Forlorn Forsen

On a recent visit last week to the Taiwan International Bicycle and EV Fair in Taipei I could not help noticing how badly the Taiwanese people treat their Motor Scooters and E Vehicles in General.
They all look so dirty and uncared for.
An extremely good Taiwan made Electric Scooter manufactured by Forsen was spotted in a side street looking very sad and forlorn.
Attached also another picture showing an uncared for E Scooter as well as New Forsen E Scooters.