Friday, March 21, 2008

A New E Bike or a Load of Hot Air??

Spotted at The Taiwan Bike Show is it a New E Bike or a Load of Hot Air?

Imagine when Electric Bikes weigh this much!

Spotted at the Taiwan Bike Fair in March we just paused for thought that soon Electric Bicycles with the New Lithion, Lithium Polymer and other Lightweight Technologies come on stream E Bikes could weigh near to the bikes shown.

A Forlorn Forsen

On a recent visit last week to the Taiwan International Bicycle and EV Fair in Taipei I could not help noticing how badly the Taiwanese people treat their Motor Scooters and E Vehicles in General.
They all look so dirty and uncared for.
An extremely good Taiwan made Electric Scooter manufactured by Forsen was spotted in a side street looking very sad and forlorn.
Attached also another picture showing an uncared for E Scooter as well as New Forsen E Scooters.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beware Scamming Shipping and Courier Companies in the UK

We would like to advise the many Multi thousands of readers to our Blog and Other sites to beware of so called organized and reputable companies in the UK regarding either the clearance or shipping/courier of E Bikes and other related items within the UK.
We have unfortunately met with some scams when either shipping goods to the UK or arranging for Courier Companies to deliver goods.
With regards to the So Called shipping company based in Manchester UK, Cardinal Maritime Shipping we can only state that from our own experience of importing many thousands of e bikes into the UK this particular company do not meet our standard of acceptance.
we would therefore advise the many people who read this site and our other well established sites to take note of this !!
2 Other companies currently still trading Interlink and Citylink (A Rentokil Company) succeed in breaking or smashing goods during the delivery process with no recourse to the customer!!
Another company which has now been renamed Jade Dragon but formally Caircargo Of Slough and Oxfordshire cannot be recommended also because of their malpractices.
Please be advised.