Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama Backs Cycling E Bikes and E Transport

US Presidential Candidate Obama Favours Bicycle
PORTLAND, US – Bicycle advocacies from city of Portland have unearthed a quote from US presidential candidate Barack Obama regarding his support for cycling.
He even seems to be the only one of the Democratic presidential candidates who explicitly encourages bicycle transportation in his energy plans. On the Republican side, the only mention of bicycles comes from Mike Huckabee.
A part of the quote of Obama’s energy platform:
“As president, Barack Obama will build upon his efforts in the Senate to ensure that more Metropolitan Planning Organizations create policies to incentivize greater bicycle and pedestrian usage of roads and sidewalks. He will also re-commit federal resources to public mass transportation projects across the country.”

Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Worldwide online Electric Bicycle, Electric Bike Spares and Parts Website

We understand that a new Worldwide Website for Electric Bicycle, Electric Bike and Electric Scooter Spares is being launched enabling owners of these vehicles to purchase online masses of spare parts and instructions in many cases to fix their broken or unworking E Bikes.
A spokesman for the company said that this concept is badly needed in the marketplace because many unscrupulous companies and individuals are charging excessively high prices for even basic parts.
It is a way to further help the Electric Bicycle market around the world!
We look forward eagerly to the launch.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some Prototypes E Bikes that did not become real reality!

Attached are just a few of the Prototype e bikes which either never made it to Production or never really took off!including The Mercedes Benz Hybrid Electric Bicycle, The Shaghai Forever Shape (Copy) of the MB Electric Bicycle, The Power Eagle E Dirtbike, The Flying Mantis, The Neatway (Copy) of the EV Global, The Ill Fated Switchit-2 Gel Battery Idea From Australia, The Neatway Concept E Racing Bike,The Wuxi Angell double motor Beach Cruiser and the Sunbird E Bike:

Monday, January 21, 2008

Solar Power for E Bike Charging

Spotted at a recent Trade Fair in China the future for charging your Electric Bicycle or Electric Scooter.

This Solar Panel Array mounted on the Rear Carrier of an E Bike shown with the Panels open.

The two side panels Fold Down against the carrier when the vehicle is in motion.

As yet we do not have a price structure but as the picture shows! It can be done!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Not just Pizzas Delivered by E Bikes

When it comes to Local Deliveries these days in China the Electric Bicycle has caught on very quickly.

One enterprising company has designed a range of Carrier Boxes to fit on the Rear of an E Bike or Motor Cycle to accommodate the delivery of Pizzas, Food, Drink, Tools and many many other items quickly and efficiently .

Monday, January 14, 2008

New product an iPod, iPodmini, iPod Nano Holder for Bicycles and Electric Bicycles

Recently found on sale on this innovative holder which enables an iPod, iPodMini, iPod Nano, Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry or in fact most Mobile Phones or MP3 or MP4 Players to be carried safely on the Handlebars of a Bicycle, Mountain Bike, Electric Bicycle, Electric Scooter, Electric ATV or any other vehicle with Handlebars.

Giant Bicycle needs Electrifying

Spotted on a recent visit opposite what was the World Trade Centre in Bangkok Thailand this monster clearly looks like it could do with some lightweight batteries ! even the New Toshiba SCiB.

Jet Powered c5

A somewhat unsafe version of the Sinclair c5 which is Jet propelled.

It appears that jet-powered novely vehicles are bit like number 8 buses - you wait ages for one and loads come at once.
Indeed, no sooner had the jet-powered go-kart roared onto eBay, than another kamikaze vehicle aficionado decided to give wannabe Richard Hammonds the chance to burn some serious rubber.
Cue the truly sensational jet-powered Sinclair C5 - a high-velocity version of the famed trundling trike. According to the maker's website, the vehicle was "purchased from a nice chap called Ron" and subsequently converted from a pedestrian piece of history into a snarling, flame-breathing beast.
Here are the vendor's "10 reasons to buy the jet C5":
JFS100-13A Gas Turbine converted to a turbo jet
Engine Oil Cooler Conversion
Custom Aluminium Fuel Tank
Hydraulic Motor Cycle Brakes
2 x 12V (24v) Oddessy Racing Batterys
Digital Exhaust Temp Gauge (Red Lion)
Push Button Starting, Easy as Pi
Wiring Loom on a multipole connector for easy maintenance
Expect 100mph plus on a good long smooth surface
Very noisy and very dangerous!
Yes, it's that JFS100 engine again, as favoured by the builders of the boy racer go-kart. Many of you commented of the possible safety issues associated with bolting this powerplant onto a set of wheels, and the seller in this case warns: "Note that jet engines are inherently dangerous things to run and must be treated with care and respect, you will be solely responsible for your own safety and the people around you."

The C5 electric runabout was Clive Sinclair's bizarre follow-up to his brilliantly cheesy ZX series of microcomputers. This dodgy little plastic trike was envisioned as an electric runabout that could replace a car for short jaunts around the 'hood. Alas, it's diminutive power plant could only propel the vehicle to about 15 km/h.
In an effort to rectify this unfortunate oversight, the folks at have crammed an Air Research JFS100-13A jet engine where the anemic 12V electrics used to live. The end result? Probably not what Sir Clive originally intended...

Sir Clive Sinclair Rides a Segway but President George Bush Cannot and Falls of Segway

Sir Clive Sinclair inventor and designer of the c5 and Zike clearly shows that he is most comfortable riding the Segway People Mover whereas the pictures show! US President George Bush shows that he isn't.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

From R&D to the Finished Article

Another example of an e bike with a name!

We show the (Below) Prototype of the Harrier Electric Mountain Bike and (Centre) the Finished article with Steven Segal the Actor and Eco Environmentalist and (Top) the Alloy Framed, Carbon Fibre Wheeled, Lithion Battery Version of the Harrier Sport Rider DL..


In 1997 on a visit to Suzhou City near Shanghai China I bough a sample Electric Bicycle from Small Antelope Factory a Government run E Bike Factory.
It was a Pretty Basic Electric Bicycle but after changing the colour and Basket etc!

The Motor, Controller, Batteries and Charger were useless and thrown away.

We sourced better quality ones and created the "Whisper" Electric Bicycle which sold by the thousands in the Far East and also many hundreds in Italy and the UK in 2000-2002.

It goes to show from the attached pictures how one can turn a Silk Purse into a Sow's Ear (So to speak!)

My Advice! "Don't just give your E Bike a Model Number it becomes more succesful with a Name!"

Chinese copies sometimes do not succeed!

We know of a Chinese Ebike Factory in Wuxi who sent their director to Italy to buy an Prima Joe Fly and bring it back to the mainland to copy (Well almost!).

Unfortunately for this factory withing 6 months of launching their product some 30 or 40 other E Bike Factories had their own copies of the copy!

We could not sell it as a single seater in the Far East so we added a longer sadlle and sold hundreds on the Thai Marketplace.

Pillion space is important to the Asians.

Pictures show 1. Below.The Prima Joe Fly: 2. Top Right..The Chinese Wuxi copy: 3. Top Left. Our Extended Seat Version:

Chinese Use Their Electric Bikes

Chinese factories began producing Electric Bicycles in numbers in approximately 1997 after a major Local Government Banned the production of 2 stroke motorcycles.

One night 200 Motor Cycle factories closed down followed by 200 Electric Bicycle Factories opening up the following week!

At around 1999 one would see perhaps 1 or 2 Electric Bicycles per 100 Bicycles on the Streets of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou Nanjing and other major Cities in China!

Today it is almost 30 E Bikes per 100 Bicycles, an astonishing increase.

China in fact only exports 4% of the Electric Bicycles it produces according the the Tianjin Bicycle Federation.

Attached are 2 examples of well used E Bikes in China!

Buffalo Bike in need of Motor and Battery

Spotted in Thailand and exausted Buffalo Bike in desperate need of a Motor and Lithion Lightweight Battery any offers?

Is this a New c5 From Japan

This is the prototype for a new all electric recumbent vehicle from Japan, the genesis EV-X7. With a claimed 92 mph top speed and 110 mile range per charge at a projected $2100 price it somehow looks like a Sinclair C5 on steroids or perhaps everything that that early attempt should have been though I imagine that the low height might still be seen as a safety worry still though it’s clearly a more substantial vehicle will much less of the snigger factor that greeted the C5 when it was launched.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Electricbikes direct celebrates it's 1st sale on Ebikebuy

Electricbikesdirect company a new user on is happy about the first sale of the Highly Succesful Step Thro Lithion Powered Bicycle after listing only a few days.
"We wish every success in the future and will continue listing our popular models."

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Toshiba's Exiting New Battery Concept SCiB

Toshiba Corp’s New Super Charge ion Battery Toshiba will begin shipping their New Super Quick Charging Electric Batteries in March 2008 for use in Industrial Vehicles and shortly Electric and Hybrid Cars, Electric Scooters and Bicycles plus other Commercial and Domestic Vehicles including Wheelchairs/Mobility Scooters etc!The SCiB can recharge to 90% of its Full Capacity in less than 5 Minutes and has a Life Cycle of more than 10 Years.Most Lithium-ion Batteries such as those used in Laptop Computers etc require hours to recharge to full capacity.Toshiba say that the New SCiB is Safe with Low Possibility of Rupture or Catching Fire, problems that have beset some Lithium-ion Batteries used in Laptops.The New Battery will work in Temperatures as low as Minus – 30 Degrees Centigrade (Minus 22 Degrees Fahrenheit.)Cold Weather tends to hamper battery performance on other types of Batteries.Battery innovations are expected to be the key in making Hybrid Vehicles and Electric Bicycles more widespread, because Lighter, Easy to Re Charge Batteries will make it easier to put more models on the market with longer range capabilities than now.Many companies are battling to develop better batteries as soaring gas prices make Hybrid Vehicles and Electric Bicycles and Scooters more attractive. is up and running

Happy New Year 2008 we are delighted to announce that has been re named so as not to confront the Big Bays of this world.
All the features of the original site are there with added features including this blog facility.
Don't forget it is a Worldwide Auction Site so even if you are in Iceland, Argentina or The Isle of Skye you can join and list items whether it be Vehicles, Electric Bicycles, Spares or Accessories, even services.
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