Sunday, February 10, 2008

Roadster E V's

The Roadster is fast becoming established as the ultimate in luxury production golf car/neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) to hit the fairways and roadways. That’s right, the Roadster is available with NEV Certification as an additional option, which includes the installation of safety belts. The NEV option also includes government certification of the Roadster, making it street legal as well. Not only does the Roadster have stunning sleek looks beyond those of standard golf carts, it is also designed with functionality in mind as well. It is a true luxury golf car, featuring a Hi-Power 11 Peak Horsepower electric motor that will speed you up and down the hills and slopes of your golf course or community. And if you have a long day ahead of you the, Roadster is the only electric vehicle in its class that will take you 70 miles on a single charge.

Roadster Limousine
Roadster Limo. This new model is designed to carry six passengers, four facing forward and two facing the rear. It is equipped with a larger motor that boasts an extra 33% horsepower and 50% more torque to make sure you and your passengers arrive at your destination quickly and reliably.
The Roadster Limo is also available as a certified Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). The NEV enables you to License the Roadster Limo as a community vehicle that can take you on the road to your favorite store, the marina, local dining or anywhere your local travels take you. There is no doubt, where ever you go, you will be the talk of the town.
Delta-Q IntelliQ-Q on-board Charging System.

Trojan T-875 Batteries

Hi-speed, Extended Range

In-Dash 12-volt Power Source In-Dash


Golf Bag Attachment

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