Monday, January 21, 2008

Solar Power for E Bike Charging

Spotted at a recent Trade Fair in China the future for charging your Electric Bicycle or Electric Scooter.

This Solar Panel Array mounted on the Rear Carrier of an E Bike shown with the Panels open.

The two side panels Fold Down against the carrier when the vehicle is in motion.

As yet we do not have a price structure but as the picture shows! It can be done!!


Elmo the Entrepreneur said...

We need a grass roots movement and a major call by many countries to turn to alternative energy vehicles and other forms of alternative fuel vehicles that need to be made and committed to. To continue fooling around with fossil fuels is totally folly on many levels!
Elmo the electric bikes and electric scooters guy

Andrew said...

That is so slick.. be good if they could get solar powered Electric Bikes

noway said...

No doubt iam going to buy one in next few years but need to know the features of this electric scooter and how about millage

Elmo the Entrepreneur - Marke Solo in Second Life said...

This is very similar to the electric mopeds I have seen coming onto the market in recent years. I always tell my clients that they can also install solar panels on their garage roofs and attach them to electric batteries as well for sustainable energy.