Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chinese Use Their Electric Bikes

Chinese factories began producing Electric Bicycles in numbers in approximately 1997 after a major Local Government Banned the production of 2 stroke motorcycles.

One night 200 Motor Cycle factories closed down followed by 200 Electric Bicycle Factories opening up the following week!

At around 1999 one would see perhaps 1 or 2 Electric Bicycles per 100 Bicycles on the Streets of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou Nanjing and other major Cities in China!

Today it is almost 30 E Bikes per 100 Bicycles, an astonishing increase.

China in fact only exports 4% of the Electric Bicycles it produces according the the Tianjin Bicycle Federation.

Attached are 2 examples of well used E Bikes in China!

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