Monday, January 14, 2008

Jet Powered c5

A somewhat unsafe version of the Sinclair c5 which is Jet propelled.

It appears that jet-powered novely vehicles are bit like number 8 buses - you wait ages for one and loads come at once.
Indeed, no sooner had the jet-powered go-kart roared onto eBay, than another kamikaze vehicle aficionado decided to give wannabe Richard Hammonds the chance to burn some serious rubber.
Cue the truly sensational jet-powered Sinclair C5 - a high-velocity version of the famed trundling trike. According to the maker's website, the vehicle was "purchased from a nice chap called Ron" and subsequently converted from a pedestrian piece of history into a snarling, flame-breathing beast.
Here are the vendor's "10 reasons to buy the jet C5":
JFS100-13A Gas Turbine converted to a turbo jet
Engine Oil Cooler Conversion
Custom Aluminium Fuel Tank
Hydraulic Motor Cycle Brakes
2 x 12V (24v) Oddessy Racing Batterys
Digital Exhaust Temp Gauge (Red Lion)
Push Button Starting, Easy as Pi
Wiring Loom on a multipole connector for easy maintenance
Expect 100mph plus on a good long smooth surface
Very noisy and very dangerous!
Yes, it's that JFS100 engine again, as favoured by the builders of the boy racer go-kart. Many of you commented of the possible safety issues associated with bolting this powerplant onto a set of wheels, and the seller in this case warns: "Note that jet engines are inherently dangerous things to run and must be treated with care and respect, you will be solely responsible for your own safety and the people around you."

The C5 electric runabout was Clive Sinclair's bizarre follow-up to his brilliantly cheesy ZX series of microcomputers. This dodgy little plastic trike was envisioned as an electric runabout that could replace a car for short jaunts around the 'hood. Alas, it's diminutive power plant could only propel the vehicle to about 15 km/h.
In an effort to rectify this unfortunate oversight, the folks at have crammed an Air Research JFS100-13A jet engine where the anemic 12V electrics used to live. The end result? Probably not what Sir Clive originally intended...

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